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Wade Boggs Confirms That He's Drank Over 100 Beers In One Day




Seeing as I’m not a particularly “smart person,” there are a lot of things in this world that don’t make sense to me. The ocean, Higgs boson, how to use spell the possessive if someone’s last name ends with a Z, mortgages, WiFi, the pyramids, Requiem for a Dream, the list is pretty much endless. But of the long list of shit that blows my mind, nothing comes close to a normal sized man drinking 100+ beers in a day. It’s INSANE. I’m not a lightweight myself, I can hold my own out there, and even on those party days when you start drinking at like 8 AM and go all night, Spring Break style, I’ve probably maxed out at around 30. And I’m hungover for weeks. My baby mind absolutely cannot process drinking that many beers and I almost refuse to believe it. I don’t care how many times it’s been confirmed or how many people will back the story, 100 beers in a day is simply unfathomable.