The Greatest American Hockey Player Who Ever Lived Turns 32 Years-Old Today

Happy 32 to greatest American and greatest Blackhawk ever, Patrick Kane. Those two things can not be disputed at this time, so don't even try.

This has been an incredible ride. Credit to my parents and Kane's parents for timing up our births pretty close because being in my 20s in Chicago and getting to watch Patrick Kane 82 to 100 times per year while being in a phase of life where I can blow money and time on the Blackhawks was an absolute thrill. 

I don't love seeing his age though. Firstly because it means that eventually this era of Kaner just being spectacular, dominant, and wildly entertaining every single night is coming to an end. It might be 8 years from now, but time is undefeated and his run will be closing soon. And just means that I am old as fuck too. Wouldn't trade this run at this time for anything, but man...old balls. Love Kaner, can't wait until the 2021 season starts and we get to watch more of this