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LIU Is Going To Take Over College Hockey With These New Jerseys

Holy shit what an intro for the LIU hockey team. The team released their new jerseys to the world today and lets just say they do NOT disappoint. These jerseys alone may help LIU become the hockey powerhouse Long Island deserves. I think the cool thing about these jerseys is they took on a color scheme not very common in hockey. The powder blue and yellow is about as sexy a jersey combo as you can find. Just take a look at the LA Chargers, pretty safe to say they have a top-5 uni combo in the NFL right? Regardless, these things are unbelievable and I can't wait to see what this program has to offer. It's pretty crazy Long Island hasn't had a D1 hockey team, but a new era is beginning and there is no better way to kick it off than with these fresh jerseys. 

The team will is coached by Brett Riley, the son of legendary Army coach Rob Riley, nephew of current Army coach Brian Riley and grandson of 1960 Gold Medal winner and Hockey Hall of Famer Jack Riley, who as you can see has TONS of hockey in his blood. And here's the thing....I actually think LIU will be competitive sooner rather than later. The fact Long Island has a legitimate college hockey program will be huge for recruiting. Why go out west or up north when you can play at home? The team will also play its home games at the Islanders Practice Facility in East Meadow, NY at the Northwell Health Ice Center. Not a bad barn for your 1st season. About 10x better than the Oceanside arena that ASU started their program with. So I'd say the future is pretty bright for College Hockey on Long Island. 

Let us not forget they are named the Sharks and Donnie Does IS in America. Do we have another Shark Tank on our hands? Only time will tell.