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Watching People Run To Watch A Movie In Bryant Park Makes Me Happy I Don't Go To Free Things

It’s summer in NYC so that means a few things. Sundresses, an increased range for Halal smell, sweating through your shirt before you get to work, and free “NYC Experiences”. Personally, I never know about these things because I don’t sign up for mailing lists and am too lazy to go. (Hate sweating) But after watching this, I may swing by the beginning of some of these events because there has to be some kind of trampling going on like when a store offers wedding dresses cheap or Jordans come out in the ghetto.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this was for Ghostbusters, a children’s movie. Yeah it came out for people who are in their 30’s now but there were definitely people running with a kid under one arm and and blanket with a cooler full of juice boxes under the other. I don’t have a kid but I would just buy the movie and watch it at home while explaining to my kid that if you work hard you can enjoy stuff like this, instead of in a park next to a junkie and some hipsters fingering each other after polishing off a box of wine.