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Aaron Nesmith's Celtics Career Is Already Off To A Fantastic Start

One of the best parts of the NBA Draft is all the hope it brings. Especially when your favorite team addresses a big time need. That's what the Celts did last night with their 14th pick. Taking a player who is widely considered to be the best shooter in the entire Draft and is someone who could help open up the floor and create space for Jaylen/Tatum/Kemba to cook is in my opinion, a good thing. As I talked about yesterday, all I wanted the Celts to do last night if they were keeping their picks was to address their shooting need at 14. Didn't really care who it was, just bring me a shooter. 

Which brings me to Nesmith and that beautiful suit. Is it possible that he knew he was going 14 to Boston? Possibly. That's around where he was mocked, and maybe he got a guarantee. I did think it was interesting when we got a first look at what he was rocking last night

Now, everyone knows the quickest way for any rookie to win their new fanbase over is to pander to them. Often times it's in their interview after being selected, remember Jaylen? 

I'd say that worked. 

Well I have to say, I am also a big time fan of Aaron Nesmith's strategy. You want to win me over in other ways than being an automatic shooter? Pay tribute to my favorite Celtic of all time with your suit. I don't know if it was just a coincidence or what, but I'm choosing to believe this was planned. Rocking the same suit that Pierce wore when this happened


is going to have me on board so quick it'll make your head spin. I can't think of a better way for Nesmith to start his Celtics career. As a believer in the Basketball Gods, I feel like paying your respects to one of the greatest players to ever wear a Celtics uniform is a smart move that will only increase your chances of being blessed by them. I know Tommy had to love this move.

Now, let's be objective here. We still need to see if what he showed last year in college will actually translate to the NBA. Shit, we still have to see if he can earn a spot in Brad's rotation. But I can't think of a better start for Nesmith's Celtics career. You come in with a much needed skill and you pay tribute to one of the greatest Celtics ever to help win over the fanbase. Seems like a win/win for everyone involved.