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There's A Real Chance Michael Jordan Drafted LaMelo Ball Just So He Could Stuff LaVar In A Locker

The Charlotte Hornets have a lot of holes on their roster, no two ways about it. I'd say big man is their biggest need, and once Wiseman was off the board last night I think we all knew where they were going. Despite already having Devonte Graham who had a breakout year and Terry Rozier who they just paid a shit ton of money to last season already on the roster, at that point you take the best player available. Neither of those guys prevent you from taking LaMelo if you think he's going to blossom into a stud.

But that's not why I think MJ took him. Remember this?

The man would tell everyone who would listen that he would beat Jordan 1-on-1. Had the balls to say "How would he beat me"? Oh I dunno, any way he wants because he's fucking MICHAEL JORDAN?!?!

Fast forward to the 2020 Draft. You think MJ is going to put his pettiness aside so he can what, build a good roster? This Michael Jordan?

Zero chance. MJ heard LaVar run his mouth for years. On what planet is he going to just let that slide? I have no doubt that he made this pick just to get LaVar to Charlotte so he could challenge him to that game of 1on1 and whoop that ass. I wouldn't rule out that Jordan has been training for it for months now, as soon as they learned they had the #3 pick. That's the MJ I know. The building a competitive team thing? Not so much. The being so competitive that nothing else matters as long as you establish your dominance? That's MJ. 

And while I think we're all tired of LaVar in the spotlight, you would 1000000000000000% watch that battle. We all would. It would be incredible. Mostly because I bet Jordan can still put in work even at the age of 57. Put it on TV and give the proceeds to charity or something. I'd pay at least $9.99 to watch that. 

I hope everything works out with LaMelo in CHA, I really do. He has the skill and the potential to be really good as he develops and he should have an opportunity to play right away with the Hornets. But I need to see MJ obliterate LaVar on the hardwood. That's the good stuff.