Bruce Pearl Doing An NBA Draft Interview From The Side Of The Road And Talking In 3rd Person Was By Far The Most Bizarre Part Of Last Night

All things considered this was the funniest part of the draft. Isaac Okoro went 5th overall to the Cavs. He was projected to go top-8 pretty much for months now. Bruce Pearl knew the date of the NBA Draft, right? There needs to be a full investigation into why Bruce Pearl was sitting on the side of the road looking like he was a news reporter. Just an overall preposterous look. Our EIC Coley has a take though

There is some concern here. What if Pearl was hearing opposite news? What if Pearl didn't believe his own player? He had to make sure to get to the grocery store before the last of milk was gone and Mrs. Pearl was going to give him a verbal beatdown. You can't go to the store and forget something on the list. That's why you write it down. No doubt Bruce Pearl had a list written by Mrs. Pearl of what to get there. 

There is talk he was at Isaac Okoro's watch party, which was in a strip mall. Why in a strip mall? I don't know, but I sort of respect that. Why watch it at your own house? Why hang out in a wine cellar? Go to a strip mall where you can get some food, maybe some clothes, perhaps electronics and everything else you need. 

Let's run through some of the best ones: