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Canucks Goalie Braden Holtby Can't Get Into Canada Because He Doesn't Have The Paperwork For His Tortoises

Andre Ringuette. Getty Images.

RMNB - Braden Holtby signed a two-year deal with the Vancouver Canucks worth $4.3 million per year on the first day of free agency in October, officially ending his long tenure in DC. Since then, the Holtbys have acclimated themselves to their new Canadian city, but two of their family members had to tragically stay back in DC.

Honey and Maple Holtby, the family’s two tortoises, have been unable to cross the border, along with dad, due to some red tape at the US Fish and Wildlife Services. Brandi asked for help on her Twitter account on Wednesday so they can swiftly reunite the family.

Braden Holtby is a Stanley Cup Champion. He has won a World Cup gold medal with Team Canada. He is a Vezina Trophy winner. He is currently the #1 goaltender for Canada's 3rd most populated city. And even still, the Canadian Border Patrol has no issues with telling this man to take a hike until he can provide the proper legal documentations to bring his two tortoises across the border. Sorrey, eh. 

I know this is a bit of a bizarre story here but if I'm a Canadian right now, I'm ecstatic with how well my border patrol is doing their job. I mean it would be so easy for any of these guys to just let Braden Holtby slide this one time in return for a signed stick or jersey. But these great folks are out there to do their jobs and to keep the Great White North safe and free of any illegal contraband. They have too much class to accept any bribes. Doesn't matter who you are. And don't even think about trying to make a run for it because buddy over here is so hopped up on double-doubles from Timmy's that he'll drop the mitts right here with ya for a little tilly. And I'm sure this Canadian border patrol agent saw how Holtby fares in a fight. 

RIP Razor. 

But yeah. Thatcher Demko may want to start preparing for the rest of this offseason as if he's going to be the starter in Vancouver because Holtby might be done for the season. We've seen how slow the government works. Congress will go on another vacation before someone slaps together an export permit for Holtby to take those turtles across the border. Tough break for the 'Nucks. 

Oh, and speaking of famous turtles in hockey…

Wonder if Tim Jackman had to get an export permit for his. 

Jordie's Update: Okay turns out it US officials stopping him from crossing the border. Whatever. It's a story about a hockey player not getting into Canada because of turtles.