The Kentucky Connection To The Knicks Is Officially Here With The Knicks Doing The Smartest Thing Ever By Drafting Immanuel Quickley At 25

Holy shit this is unbelievably perfect. Step 1 was getting Obi Toppin. Step 2 was taking a Kentucky player. We're 2 for 2 and it's unreal watching this unfold. Leon Rose is putting on a clinic right now: 

Clem is going to blog about this. This blog is about the Knicks finally being smart. It's about taking a Kentucky guy. It's working everywhere else, it's time for it to work in New York. They brought in Leon Rose and World Wide Wes, both of whom love Kentucky. They brought in Kenny Payne as an assistant coach. Now they are bringing in Immanuel Quickley - a guy who won SEC Player of the Year last year. Guess what? He can play off the ball and be a secondary ball handler. You can let RJ Barrett be the primary playmaker, where he actually has always been great at. You have a guy coming off a year scoring 16 per game and shooting 43% from three. He's as pure of a shooter as you will find who also is a great on the ball defender. 

Fuck, this is awesome. Now the Knicks have one more pick and can take a pure point guard there if they want. Just a clinic in drafting right now.