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The 76ers Have Completely Given Up On Al Horford And Traded Him To OKC

Actually insane. A move one (1) year ago that was supposed to shift power in the Eastern Conference firmly to Philly, the head of the Giannis-stopping defense, a COUP for Philly to steal this man away from the rival Celtics. Gone in a year, along with two picks, for Danny Green. Philly needed a wing three-and-D player like Green, so it's not a bad fit. But it's certainly, absolutely, a terrible sign for Al Horford that you have to attach picks to his contract just to rid your life of his presence. Daryl Morey's first big move since joining The Process is to... immediately undo last year's big move. Which is smart. He didn't sign that dumbass contract why should he have to deal with a poor fit? Move on, chalk up the L and grab some much needed luxury tax relief. 

For the Thunder, their quest for every single draft pick continues on. Maybe they can try and spin another serviceable year of Horford a la Chris Paul last year and flip him again at the deadline or in the offseason for even more picks. I don't think Horford is cooked, there was plenty of data that suggested he was still fine last year and that it was mostly on Brett Brown's inability to manage his lineups. But this has to be an ego blow, even to someone as mild-mannered as Al, to be salary dumped like this.