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Woman Goes Blind After A Flesh-Eating Bacteria Gets In Her Eye During A Mud Run

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DALLAS, TX– A woman says she went blind in one eye after catching a flesh-eating bacteria during a mud run. Brittany Williams told CBS Dallas that she believes some debris cut her eye and the problems started within 24 hours. “My eye started hurting, like maybe I’ve got mud or some debris in there. When I opened my eye, it was just like white. The whole room was white.” She describes her experience as something out of a horror movie. “It just completely melted off of my eye.” Williams said there’s a chance she could regain vision if she undergoes surgery. However, she no longer has health insurance, so she said some doctors have turned her away.



Here’s a news story you can keep in your back pocket for future use.  Why?  Because it’s 2015 and, if you have a significant other, there’s a solid chance they’re going to burst through the door one of these days and say, “You know what we should do?  A MUD RUN!  It’d be so so fun.  Lots of couples do it.  Jan and Tim did it and loved it.  Chris and Sally did it and loved it.  Even Tim and John did it (gay couple, I already told you it’s 2015) and they loved it too!  Let’s do it! PLEASE”  That’s going to happen if it hasn’t happened already.  If it already happened, I’m sorry.  It’s too late for you and I hope you had fun and aren’t blind.  If it hasn’t happened yet, this lady and here blindness in one eye thanks to a flesh-eating bacteria just gave you an excuse not to exercise and run around in a pig pen.  You can’t be out there risking your eye sight simply to fill a Saturday morning.  Not to mention, depending on your level of endurance, the chances of you dying face down in a pile of mud are high. Nobody wants to die like that.  So tell your lady friend it’s way safer to stay inside and watch golf on the weekends.  No flesh-eating bacteria in your living room the last I checked.