Now This Is One Trade I Can Get Behind Danny Ainge Making

First things first. I love this picture. It's so perfect for every Celtics trade rumor we hear about but deep down know will never happen. It makes me chuckle every time and I will never stop posting it. 

But now to this report. Who knows how available George Hill actually is after the Pelicans brought him in as part of the Jrue Holiday trade. They do have their own guard depth to worry about. Players like E'Twuan Moore and Frank Jackson are currently free agents. It's very possible that the Pelicans want to keep George Hill around. We also know based on the trades David Griffin has done that he is going to make you pay if you want one of his players. 

For fun, let's say Hill is actually available. He makes $9.5M this season and has a $10M for next year but only $1.2M of that is guaranteed. The list of teams mentioned in that tweet make sense, as all are looking for reserve guard depth. Hill actually had a pretty solid 2019 season off the Bucks bench, he put up 9/3/3 on 51/46% shooting in 21 minutes a night. If you're looking for a backup point guard, you could certainly do worse.

So put me in the camp of being IN on George Hill as a potential trade target. I'll keep saying it in hopes of speaking it into existence, but back up point guard is a big time need for the Celts roster. George Hill fits what they need. Veteran presence, someone who has playoff experience, someone who can shoot threes abd run P&R, and someone who is comfortable in his reserve role. 

Contract wise it's a little tricky making the money work, but I imagine that can be figured out. I have no problem offering like 30 and 47 for someone like Hill. Why not? Spend the higher picks on a shooter and a big and the last two on an established back up point guard. Seems like a no brainer to me. Who knows if the Pelicans would even want those low ass picks that are mostly useless and whatever end of bench salaries Ainge could send back, but from a need perspective, George Hill would be a nice depth addition.