Ok Miley, You Once Again Have My Attention




Pack your shit, AP Planner. If Miley wants tomorrow to be for her, I am not here to argue. Because everything Miley does at this point is must-watch. She captivates the entertainment world in ways we haven't seen since Britney danced around with a snake and made out with Madonna. Remember when a 4 second kiss was national headlines for weeks? Oh how times have changed. Because now Miley is apparently going to eat Dua Lipa alive or something



And we'll be like "classic Miley".

She really is awesome though. I don't know anyone at this point that doesn't tip their cap to her. Her and Gaga are continually pushing the envelope and not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks, but they back it up because their music is awesome. Don't forget, she was riding dildos onstage back in 2014. 6 years ago!



She's one of a kind. And I don't know what we're about to see tomorrow, but I've canceled all my meetings.