NBA Draft Night Means It's Time for Absurd Player Comparisons

For whatever reason, NBA Draft coverage always centers around player comparisons that I don't see in other sports. Maybe it happens, but I don't ever recall watching an NFL Draft where every player is compared to somebody else in the NFL. But basketball analysts have an obsession with it.

I can't wait to hear some of the ridiculous ones tonight. To hear ESPN tell it, there are three potential Steph Currys and a couple new-age Shaqs just waiting in the wings to be picked in the mid-teens tonight. In actuality, there might be one good NBA player to get drafted tonight. The Hawks have the sixth pick and there's a roughly zero percent chance they end up with anyone who will make a meaningful impact for several years in the NBA.

Among some of tonight's likely top picks, Anthony Edwards is the second coming of Dwyane Wade and James Wiseman is somewhere between Karl-Anthony Towns and DeAndre Jordan.

But no matter how ridiculous the comparisons get tonight, I'd imagine there will not be one as insane as comparing DeShawn Stevenson to MICHAEL JORDAN. Comparing LeBron James as a high school student to the greatest basketball player to ever live was insane, despite the fact he somehow lived up to those unbelievable expectations. Comparing Stevenson to Jordan because he's a "great ball handler" is incredible.

So enjoy your NBA Draft coverage tonight and be on the lookout for the worst player comparisons that are wildly unnecessary yet equally entertaining.