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NYC's Rockefeller Christmas Tree Came With Quite The Hooter This Year

Do you see what I did there? Because I'm desperate for clicks? heh heh

Anyways, they did indeed find a hooter in the tree this year who has since been named Rockefeller. According to a worker discovered him, scooped him up & he and his wife called a rescue center for assistance. 

Quite the journey for a 'saw-whet owl', the smallest in Eastern North America, which generally maxes out around 5oz...

People have been ripping on the tree this year for looking a little raggedy

…but if it was good enough for this little fella it's good enough for me: 

Rockefeller has since been sent to Ravensbeard Wildlife Center up in Saugerties, NY where he'll be released once he's got a clean bill of health. Ravensbeard takes care of all sorts of struggling birds & I'm looking to see if they'll also accept the Eagles. 

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