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Justin Herbert Just Cut All His Hair Off. All Hope Is Lost

I mean this very earnestly: This was maybe the worst decision ever made in the history of mankind. Napoleon invading russia, prohibition, 20th Century Fox giving George Lucas full merchandising rights for a 20k pay cut. All of that is NOTHING compared to how bad this haircut is. 

Going into today, Herbert is not only the frontrunner for OROY, but he is shattered a ton of Rookie QB records while playing for a team that has essentially given up. This haircut has changed that. It is, like I said, the death rattle of this season and a kid rebelling against his horrible parents (coaches, in this case).

After Herbert's hair, the next cut will have to be Anthony Lynn. He went from being a solid defensive game that let a solid roster perform to the ability they should to now being exposed as a coach that cannot close games, can't manage clock, and plays not to lose. The Lynn era is over. 

Hammer the jets.