Jaguars Fans Team Up With Bears, Lions, And Packers Fans To Send Yannick Ngakoue To The Pro Bowl

All things work together for good for those whom love the Lord Jaguars. This is just beautiful. It’s not often in sports when fans can legitimately influence an outcome of a trade or draft picks. This is one of those times. Packers, Lions, and Bears fans can join together in harmony and do harm to the purple people eaters led by a man who doesn’t even know how to properly cook a steak.

It’s time that I join forces with my pals in Chicago to improve our beloved Jaguars draft standing while also taking the trade for Yannick from the Vikings, editing all the fine print, printing out a photocopy, laminate that same copy, turnin that mother fucker sideways and returning it to sender straight up Kyle Rudolph’s candy’s ass! IFFFFF YOU SMEEELLLELELELEL THOSE SHITTY COUSIN STEAKS A COOKIN.