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Wake Up With the Trailer for ‘Tom & Jerry’

What fresh hell is this? I’m reluctant to even post this because I don’t want to encourage it. But I will just prove once and for all that Hollywood has officially run out of ideas.

I mean, I can see trying to make a buck by appealing to nostalgia. But who is nostalgic for cartoon cat and mouse uber-violence? “Tom & Jerry” Was on every Sunday morning when I was growing up. And I don’t know anyone that watched it. Including me and my best friend whose name happened to be Tom Thornton, my cousin who lived across the street. If you couldn’t get two kids with our names interested, you had no audience then, and I don’t know who the audience will be now. For sure it won’t be a generation of kids raised on gentle entertainment and overly sensitized to mayhem.

I’d rather they just went all the way and made the “Itchy & Scratchy Movie” instead. That’s one I’d go see.