John Wall For Russell Westbrook, Let's Get Nuts


You know what every reply to this tweet is? Half people arguing "Wall is better when healthy" and half arguing "Wall could never put up the number Russ puts up". And after painstakingly reading many replies to the Tweet I have come up with the correct answer- fucking do it, that'd be fun.

It makes sense for both sides. Russ wants out of Houston. Wall hasn't played for 2 years due to injury in Washington and probably could use a change of scenery. Russell Westbrook would be a megastar in DC and could pair nicely with Bradley Beal, who Wall is *rumored* to not get along great with.

Beal and Russ together would be a ton of fun. And I love John Wall, but if the deal makes sense to move on from him and you get a megastar like Westbrook in return, let's go nuts. Maybe the Wizards are the new super team with Rui and whoever we take tomorrow we don't even realize it yet. 

This is why NBA Draft/Trade time is undefeated. Every star player is on the market at all times. There's nothing quite like it in sports.