Dan "Big Cat" Katz Is The Best Jenga Player Alive

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What a day it was inside the Triple S. We saw a team pick up its first win of the season, another who suffered its first loss, and a Big Cat vs. Frank The Tank showdown that we will never forget. If you missed any of it, no worries, the entire broadcast can be watched below:

Now, we shift our focus to Thursday afternoon's triple header. It is one last chance for folks to showcase their Jenga abilities before the bye week, as the cut deadline for captains is coming up (Black Friday). To help you with your picks in the Play Barstool app, here are the block orders for each match. Remember that this is especially important for Questions 5 and 6.

Match 1 - Pressed (2-0) vs. Pubes (1-2)

Match 2 - Pressed (2-0) vs. Berserkers (3-1)

Match 3 - Futból Team (1-1) vs. Josh Duhamel (1-3)

The action begins at 1:30 PM ET on Thursday, as Mr. Cat and Rone look to keep their undefeated record alive. Make your picks here!