So You Want to Live in New York City? Enjoy the Maniacs With Flamethrowers

Having lived in New York City for close to 18 months now, I know something is truly shocking when it even gives me pause. On my way home yesterday, there was a guy on 14th Street screaming, "The way to get famous in New York City these days is to show your dick to an old lady on the train!" and I didn't even take a second look. I fancy myself pretty elite at ignoring all of the things you need to be able to ignore if you're going to live here.

But the NYC crazies have apparently stepped up their games to include flamethrowers now. We're in a pandemic, chief. The flamethrowers couldn't have waited a little while longer?

I've never ridden an MTA bus, partly because I just have this notion that the flamethrower-type incidents occur at a higher volume on the bus than the subway. The train is just people that are mildly annoying and others trying their hardest to ignore them. The bus has fire shooters.

It's mildly satisfying to know that New York hasn't lost its edge, though. As long as we have psychos wielding flamethrowers, this city is not dead.