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NYC Road Rage Video With Fist Fight, Baseball Bat, Man on Windshield & Car In Bakery

Having watched this several times I still can't believe no one was killed, especially once that car careened onto the crowded sidewalk & right through the bakery glass like an action movie scene. Also, 00:15 - 00:18... my goodness that fella takes baseball bat hits like a champ, and shout out to the little old lady who stops to yell at them for a second.

If you ask me, the parking ticket on the innocent Volkswagen in the foreground helps explain all of this… 

The amount New Yorkers spend on parking tickets every month is often insane & mercy is never, ever shown. A cheap monthly pre-paid spot is usually around $200 on top of high insurance & the odds your wheels will be missing in the morning, so it's usually not an option. We're stressed the fuck out & parking becomes a gauntlet that has left me in tears on several occasions, ready to just leave my elderly CR-V in the middle of the road. 

And once you finally do find a spot? Street sweeping 2x per week early in the morning. The battle begins anew. And on a busy street like the one these guys are fighting on? Forget it. Just leave your blinkers on, block someone in & hope for the best.

I've documented my own struggles time & time again and it finally beat me down to the point where I've finally let my car (and freedom) go.

Still… you take your rage out on helpless bystanders & bring your issues to the sidewalk you should have your license taken away forever. Hope these guys are all stuck on the bus from here on out. I'll probably be on it, too.