Theo Epstein Resigns From The Cubs

I am broken. I am lost. I am absolutely devastated with the news that Theo Epstein is stepping down. I have no hard answers right now only speculation. And that speculation says that Theo Epstein just couldn't do what he wanted to do in the last year of his deal. And instead of pussy foot around and play the game publicly for the Ricketts, he's on his way out and away from the Cubs for good. I knew this day was coming I just thought I'd have one full season left to cover his genius. Deep down I thought he'd have one amazing set of moves left to give us 5-7 more years. I thought his ultimate legacy would be not just rebuilding the Cubs into 5 playoffs over the last 6 years, but giftwrapping Jed a new farm system and framework to win division championships. There'd be one more crazy winter and one more batch of trades with the Orioles and Angels. I thought we were going to get one more. 

This is life. Theo is out of it without any major warning. Any sensible Cubs fan knows that he's the #1 reason we have a World Series championship to our history. He's the most important person to ever get a paycheck from the Chicago Cubs. He's the best front office executive in baseball history and definitely in the conversation for every other sport. His greatness can never and will never be properly represented. I only wish over the coming days I can do him justice on his way out of town. 

I love you Theo. We love you. None of our happiness would be possible without your efforts. 

None of it.  

You will always be our King.