Mark Zuckerberg Is Easily The Worst Rich Person on Planet Earth

Mark Zuckerberg is the worst rich person on earth. I’m not saying morally or anything like that but you could certainly make that argument too.

I’m saying he’s bad at being rich. Look at him. He looks like a create-a-player avatar that hasn’t had any options selected yet. The hair and suit are just the stock options. No eyebrows. No facial hair. No expressions. Just a man who created a Hot or Not style website which accidentally became the most important website in the world over a 15 year span.

Every time he speaks you just know it’s gonna be the most boring shit in the world said in the most uncomfortable and unnatural way. I’ll watch fucking anything about barbecue and he even ruined that.

His house? It stinks for a rich guy too. It’s not a bad house by any means but for one of the richest people in the world?  Why are you hiding your wealth, Mark? Why are you acting like you’re living in an upper middle class neighborhood with a nice smoker? You’re filthy rich. Act like it. You don’t see Portnoy up in Nantucket making videos about brisket. The videos are about wine, pizza, and looking tan. Mark is hamming it up for a few ribs while Dave is uncorking another bottle of wine and on a lazy curveball. It’s pathetic. It’s laughably bad. It’s par for the course with ole Zuckerberg- the worst rich person to ever live.