Congratulations To Aramis Ramirez On Getting Elected To The Hall Of Fame

NBC Sports - Longtime Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez has been elected to the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame.

Ramirez was a formidable middle-of-the-order presence on the North Side from 2003-11, hitting .294/.356/.531 with 239 home runs. Following the 2011 season, Ramirez left the Cubs in free agency, joining the Brewers. He brought his steady production to Milwaukee (.284/.342/.473, 65 home runs, 262 RBIs), making his third and final All-Star team in 2014.

Ramirez retired after 2015, but not before his career came full circle. The Brewers dealt him back to the contending Pirates ahead of the trade deadline, and he finished his career with his original club.

The Hall of Fame ceremony will be held virtually due to COVID-19.

Alright first off we don't do a ton of Dominican Sports Hall of Fame coverage so I understand if this seems out of left field. But at a time when I need some good Chicago Cubs news as bad as the air in my gooddamn lungs, you better believe I'm celebrating Aramis Ramirez's induction into ANY hall of fame. Fuck I would blog his induction into White Sox Dave's Red Line Radio Hall of Fame if that's what the award season dictated. I'm here for positive vibes and good news and we're starting with Aramis's election to his native country's sports museum. 

People forget Aramis Ramirez AVERAGED a .920 OPS in his first 5 full seasons with the Cubs. For context, the best 5-year OPS stretch for Rizzo and Kris Bryant is .902 and .901 respectively. Really think about how fucking good that .920 is for a second. It's absolutely staggering the 2007 and 2008 Cubs couldn't win one fucking playoff game but that's a different blog. For now we're staying on the bright side of the conversation in celebrating Aramis Ramirez's success. 

The man was a machine at a time nobody really gave a fuck. Sure you had your diehards and select numbers of sensible baseball fans, but for the most part I think everyone took Aramis Ramirez for granted. It wasn't until Theo came in and gave Ian Stewart 200 plate appearances that we all realized just how lucky we were. Well now we get to make up for that neglect one hall of fame election speech at a time. 

Congratulations to Aramis. I'm sorry you didn't get this kind of shine when you deserved it. 

Long live 16.