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'This Is Ridiculous! Next Question!' - Jon Gruden Getting All Pissy Because He Was Asked About The Raiders Doing A Victory Lap On The Bus Is An A+ Watch

Goddamnit, this is such a perfect Gruden response. Everything from smart-aleck to next question! I'm dying laughing watching this because everything Gruden does makes me laugh. He's just so unintentionally hilarious. Now what's this in relation to? A story came out that the Raiders did a victory lap on their bus around Arrowhead Stadium after beating the Chiefs earlier this year. 

It's a fucking hilarious move. You win? You celebrate. That's the whole point of winning. I say it all the time. I want players and coaches in all sports to not do the boring interview shit. Give me guys dancing and doing victory laps. It's even funnier when you picture them on a bus driving around Arrowhead with a guy like this

Giphy Images.

But back to this. We know Gruden is a football guy. We also know Andy Reid is a lifelong guy too. That's why he had this response. 

Seems kinda weird when there are videos of the Chiefs straight up dancing on graves during games

I know it's not his style, but I wish Andy Reid was like 'yeah we'll do the same in Vegas.' Eye for an eye type shit. Beat the Raiders and let Andy Reid drive the bus on the field for all I care. Sports needs more hate. We need more rivalries and people acting like it's a competition instead of a slap fight with friends. 

I'm still such a sucker for press conference freak outs. We were close to a real freak out here by Gruden but he held back knowing he's more pissed the story got out. Still the all-time press conference for me.