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Wake The Fuck Up With This Morning's Electric NC Dinos Home Run Call In Game 1 Of The Korean Series

Remember the KBO baseball league that we all rallied behind when covid stole all our sports in the spring? Well it is somehow STILL going on despite being the first sport back and the NC Dinos are STILL a motherfucking wagon. Aaron Altherr may have been a flat out donkey with the Mets, but he is the most dangerous apex predator this side of the T-Rex in Korea with 31 Dino Dongs, 108 RBIs, and .278/.352/.541 splits capable of making an announcer lose his fucking marbles live on the air despite being the 8 hitter in today's lineup. I don't know a word that announcer said other than NC Dinos but that was the exact jolt of energy I needed to start this shitty Tuesday.

My beloved Mets may have the richest, smartest, best owner in Major League Baseball at the top of the org chart. But I don't know if any baseball team I root for is more poised to become a dynasty than the NC Dinos.