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It's Muggsy Bogues Giving a Young Steph Curry An Airplane Ride Through the Locker Room


What a headline that was to write, it played out like a MadLibs. Name a midget, a guy with no race, a form of transportation, and a place you should never visit at Penn State. But yet it’s real. This video just appeared out of thin air onto the Internet today. A young Steph Curry being flown around the locker room by Muggsy Bogues, who at this moment is the taller one of the two (the video is from 1992 so Steph was 4). Just a ridiculous video to come in off the streets today. Hopefully this is the first of many Steph Curry videos. Maybe tomorrow we’ll see him riding on Dikembe Mutombo’s shoulders like a giraffe or taking a bath under Patrick Ewing’s sweat at the free throw line.