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Pray For The Bears: Adam Thielen Is Rocking Custom Alex Trebek Cleats Before Tonight's Monday Night Football Game

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"What are the greatest cleats I've ever seen?". My word! I didn't think I could love Adam Thielen more than I already did just because watching him snatch DBs souls with crazy route running and catches is as effortlessly beautiful as hearing Trebek casually drop a thick French accent out of the blue.

But I think Adam Thielen just locked up my favorite non-Giant after going out and honors the Gameshow GOAT in priiiiiime time. I wasn't sure who was going to win tonight because even though Dalvin Cook has become a destroyer of worlds and fantasy matchup the last few games, I just can't trust Kirk Cousins on Monday Night Football. However, I refuse to believe that Thielen will put up anything less than 200 yards and 3 TDs after wearing that heat on his feet in the pregame, even if his quarterback looks like this during night games.

I hate saying this because I love the Chicago guys and Big Cat so much, but Vikes by a million tonight because a receiver paid honor to a gameshow host that just so happens to be a national treasure from another nation. Tough break Bears fans.

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