Robbers Double Cross Each Other During Heist And Beat The Shit Out Of One Another



Whoa! Shit like that only happens in movies I thought.  Remember the opening scene of The Dark Knight?  Of course you do.  It’s one of the best opening scenes in the history of movies.  Dudes just taking each other out left and right because the Joker told them too.  I remember sitting in the theater while that was happening and thinking, “Oh okay. This is gonna be one the best movies ever.” The Joke whips off his mask and you just knew.  But back to the video, that one dude is RUTHLESS.  Smacks the guy over the head with a metal pipe and then stomps him.  Zero remorse.  I’d be the worst criminal ever. I’m way too nice.  Not just Iowa Nice but even more than that.  To a fault, really.  I’d never see a double cross coming (I suppose that’s the point of a double cross).  I’d think we were all the best friends in the world and were gonna go get ice cream together after the heist until that metal pipe caved in my skull.  Even then I’d be like, “Oh you accidentally hit me in the head. Oh you accidentally stomped my face.” I wouldn’t understand what was happening in the least.


You know what?  Here’s the opening scene of The Dark Knight since I just spent an entire blog gushing about it.  So good.


“I killed the bus driver”