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Great News, Everybody. Doug Pederson Is "Pissed Off"

Ah damn, Doug. Well why didn't you say something earlier? Did you ever think maybe you could have told the boys you were a little peeved after you deferred the opening kickoff and then your defense proceeded to give up a 34-yard rushing touchdown to Daniel Jones on the first drive of the game? Because that probably could have been useful then. 

If only we had known that you were pissed off earlier, ya know? But like momma always said, better late than never. Now that ol' Dougie Boy is mad, maybe this season will finally turn around. He's big mad, as the kids would say. Grrrrrrrrr. Who needs to come up with any sort of game plan over a bye week when you can just be fuming about the whole thing, right? Not Doug, that's who. 

And yes, I am totally aware that Doug Pederson was screwed here no matter what direction he took this interview in. If he just gave us coach speak the whole time and said the Eagles are just a few quick fixes away from turning the whole thing around, we'd all be furious over how out of touch this bozo is. If he's totally open and honest with us about his frustrations, it's too little too late. Unfortunately for Doug, it seems like past the point of no return. The team isn't responding, the fans are sick of him (to be fair, sick of the entire organization), and management is just too cowardly to do anything about it. So it sucks. Everything about this season has been a catastrophic failure. But at least Doug is pissed, so that'll make everybody feel better. Hopefully he'll be so pissed that he can't even bring himself to call the plays on Sunday and he hands that duty off to somebody else. 

Go(?) Birds.