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50 Cent Straight Up Mocking P Diddy On His Instagram Account


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I love how bored 50 Cent is these days. If I had $150 million net worth, I would not be posting memes on my Instagram, but on the other hand, that’s exactly why 50 is doing it, because he has $150 million and does not give a fuck. He’s just starting beefs with every rich black guy in the news. Maybe that’s a rich black person thing? I guess since he can’t rap anymore he has to fill his time doing something. It’s not like he can rap about about getting rich or dying trying, he has more money than he can spend, rapping about mutual funds and stock options is not exactly relatable to his target audience. So he entertains himself by making little skits on Instagram and investing in Vodka companies I’ve never heard of. I wish he would get back to trolling Floyd Mayweather. Still the funniest video of all time.