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Robert Downey Jr. Is A Steelers Fan Confirming The Best Famous Person Team Fandom Ever

How about this? 

Robert Downey Jr. IRONMAN a Steelers fan. 

"Number one Steelers for-frickin-ever...boom boom." Iron...Steel. Same thing. There's been a push by my friend Dave Dameshek to make the Steelers traditional second half pump-up song "Iron Man" instead of it's current "Renegade" citing the last few big games opponents have actually used "Renegade" to their "advantage". Since they know it's coming, they prepare for it all week. 

After this I think I may have to agree. 

Renegade has had an all-time run, but here's how I'd like to see it played out:

It's November 26. Thanksgiving night. The hated Baltimore Ravens are in town for the second meeting of the year - this one in primetime on a national holiday. They're already three games back in the division. Desperate doesn't come close to describing how badly they need this one. 

It's a tight ballgame per usual. It's the fourth quarter with 7:30 left and the Ravens have the ball with the chance to eat clock. "it's coming" they say to themselves on the sidelines and in the huddle. "Wave them towels to that terrible song". They think it's Renegade. And for a brief second it is. "Ohhhh mama I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law" the pulse starts to beat around the stadium. "Lawman has put an end to my running and I'm so far from my home". John Harbaugh flashes a cheeky smile because he thinks the beat is about to drop and fire his guys up for the final drive. 

But wait...

The record scratches. Smoke starts to come out of the Steelers tunnel. The guitar riff roars throughout the stadium. BAH GOD THAT'S IRONMAN'S MUSIC. Just as the hook drops Robert Freakin Downey Jr. walks out of the tunnel in a custom Steelers black and gold Ironman suit. The stadium fucking erupts to the Steelers blasting the Ravens highlights on the Heinz Field big screen. 

Pittsburgh sacks Lamar Jackson two straight times then intercepts him on third down. Game over. New tradition born.