Beautiful And Majestic White Moose Shot Dead By Hunters Who Are HUGE Pieces of Shit

First Nations in Canada are mourning the loss of a rare white moose, asking “why” anyone with a license to hunt would choose their ghostly “spirit” animal.

In Timmins, Ontario, two female moose were found shot and left discarded along a service road, bodies intact, including a sacred white cow, The Guardian reported. The poachers had evidently ignored the many signs warning against killing the legally protected creatures.

“Everybody is outraged and sad. Why would you shoot it? No one needs one that bad,” said Chief Murray Ray, Flying Post First Nation. “If you have a license to shoot a cow moose, you could shoot another one. Just leave the white ones alone.”

The uncommon white moose get their ashen coloring from a recessive gene, and are revered similarly as white bison, raven and grizzly bears.

We have put up with a lot of shit over the last few months. We've stomached the restrictions on interactions. We've abided our children at home with us while we work. We've allowed our millennia-long societal norms to adjust. We cannot tolerate someone shooting a moose with albanism! We just cant. It is simply a bridge too far. 

Can you imagine having one of these majestic creatures in your sights and pulling the trigger? I cant. A normal moose? Sure. One of my pals is a big hunting enthusiast. A few years ago, he killed a moose and his family of 5 ate that moose for a year. The moose's life was worth it in my opinion. HOWEVER, as a hunter, you gotta know when something is special. This moose was as special as the McRib being back for a limited time at select locations nationwide. You cannot shoot an animal like this just like you cannot pass up on the chance to get a McRib because they are only back for a limited time at select locations nationwide. 

FURTHERMORE! Why do we always give these people the benefit out of the doubt? The Chief said that there were signs posted which stated that the all-white moose weren't to be shot. It was all there in black and white, clear as crystal. Even if it wasn't implicitly stated, you shouldn't even need those fucking signs. NATURE TELLS YOU NOT TO! YOU KNOW IT WITH YOUR BONES THAT YOU SHOULDNT SHOOT AN ALL WHITE MOOSE! It's common sense!

The article goes on to say,

"It saddens me that somebody would take such a beautiful animal,” said Flying Post community member Troy Woodhouse. “Nobody knows exactly how many are in the area, so the loss of a single spirit moose is one too many.”

Woodhouse recalled to the The Guardian the first time he spotted a young white bull moose with his wife near his grandfather’s home, who lived in the region.

“It was a sign that he’s watching over us on the land. It was very special to me,” he said."

To me, too, damnit. To me, too. FUCK!

Half mast is too damn high.