In Defense Of Cats Once Again. This Cat Named Alfredo Raised This Puppy Named Pic From 8 Weeks Old And They're Inseparable

A few weeks back I posted this blog saying its time we as a society stop demonizing cats and cat people.

I thought that after Meet The Parents came out (one of the best movies ever) and Jack Byrnes (Robert DeNiro) schooled the world on why cats aren't so bad, that we would start to see an easing of tensions.


Cats and their owners continue to be stereotyped and stigmatized as lonely, weird, distrustful, and mangy animals and people. And it's unfair.

Hopefully this adorable video of Alfredo the cat licking his good boy Pic before they fall asleep helps to ease tensions some more. 

At the very least, if there's a cat person in your life, send them this video and give them a big W on a Monday to start their week off and score some points.