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Brad Underwood Dropped 40 Pounds This Offseason Because His Daughter Asked Him 'Which Of His Three Chins Olivia Dekker Liked The Most'

Yo talk about fucking ruthless. Your own daughter dropping this? She's a junior in college, it's not like it's some little kid where it's funny. This is just plain mean. Pulling up a picture of your pops doing an interview with Olivia Dekker and then roasting him for putting on some weight. Like sorry kid, I'm too busy trying to turn Illinois into a relevant program for the first time since Deron Williams and Luther Head and Dee Brown were here. Plus, everyone looks like they have three chins next to Olivia Dekker, but here's the picture in question: 

But shout out Brad Underwood and really Carl too. He deserves this. The man runs for the Bears, he needs his coach to be in shape for a top-10 team. That's what Illinois is. I actually have them 5 on my own rankings, which are the most important rankings for myself. You return Ayo and Kofi Cockburn, you're cooking with fire. Throw in the fact that Underwood actually adjusted how he needs to play defense and stop having Illinois blitz and jump everything, it makes them even better. Again, just find it unfair to use a picture next to Olivia Dekker, who makes her husband Sam (a damn PRO hoops player) look out of shape. 

Really this story just goes to show you that nothing good can come from your kids moving back home. That's a legit fear as a father. Sure parents tell you about going to an empty nester isn't easy and all that shit. But then you get to reap the benefits of it. You move to a warm city or on a golf course and do whatever you want. Then your kids move in and start roasting you for getting fat because you had a knee replacement. No one harsher in the world than your own kids I guess. 

The worst part of this is the picture she used came after a win against Michigan! You win by 9 against a good team in your conference the last thing you should worry about is how your chins look in an interview.