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Today I Learned 'Year 3000' Wasn't Originally by the Jonas Brothers and My Childhood Was a Lie

I was making my nightly scroll through TikTok last night when the above video came across my feed and shattered a tenant of my childhood I thought was imperishable: that "Year 3000" was a certified banger created by the Jonas Brothers.

Well all that came crashing down when I was informed that it's actually a cover of a song that originally sang of triple-breasted women swimming around town naked by some group called Busted. Was I the only person that didn't know this? I was shook.

I'm not the world's biggest Jonas Brothers stan or anything like that, but this was the equivalent of discovering da Vinci traced the Mona Lisa. There was no bigger piece of art released — or so I previously thought — in 2006 than "Year 3000". It was the banger of a generation. Come to find out it had previously existed for four years, originally performed by an English band that had already flamed out and broken up — they're back together now if anyone was wondering — by the time the JoBros recorded their version.

It's times like these that I'm reminded ignorance truly is bliss. Generally, the less I know about anything, the better. Keep me in the dark and let me live in the reality I have created for myself.

If you want to live in a world where this song is performed by a group other than the Jonas Brothers, here are the two bands performing the song together in a show of unity for one of the greatest songs of the early 2000s.