Updated Names: We Started A Celebrity Death Pool On The Cousins

Today was a historic day on The Cousins. The Cousins’ Barstool Celebrity Death Pool FINALLY was launched to what (by Cousins standards) was an incredible buzz. 

The boys have been lobbying for a Celebrity Death Pool for a long, long time, and we finally got the approval for it. And now, every Monday will be Death Pool Mondays on SiriusXM85 from 9:00-10:00 EDT.

The rules are simple. You call into the show (833 857 8665) on Mondays, and ONLY Mondays and give your pick. The person must be a celebrity and can’t be on life support. You can’t select someone who’s already been chosen (see the list below). The Death Pool runs until someone wins (i.e. until someone dies), then we restart all over again. If you call in and pick someone who’s already been chosen, Cousin Murray will assign you a Quick Pick if you can’t think of a replacement. 

Winner gets a Custom Cousins Limited Edition Death Pool Mug.

The first week had some heavy hitter choices on it. Only one person had a mediocre choice in Dolly Parton, who is relatively young and in great health. 

Week 1

Joe (Massachusetts): Bill Cosby

Matt (Iowa): Betty White 

Mike: Clint Eastwood 

Linda (Illinois): Larry King

Tyler (Detroit): Bob Barker

Ryan (Mass): Jimmy Carter 

Joel (Iowa): Nick Cage 

Ted (Cincinnati): Jeff Bridges 

Matt (Vermont): Dick Van Dyke 

Cousin Arty (Mass): Ghislaine Maxwell

Jim (Virginia): Tony Bennett 

Steve (NJ): Rosyln Carter 

Mike (Penn): Jane Fonda 

Anthony (Long Island): Willie Nelson

Dan (Iowa): Queen Elizabeth

Barbie (Houston): Cloris Leachman 

Caleb (South Carolina): Lou Holtz 

Brian (Canada): Prince Phillip 

Ken (Arkansas): Angus Young

Diedre (Mass): Harvey Weinstein 

Bobby (Long Island): Bob Dole 

Jay (Georgia): Dolly Parton

Still a LOT of good choices out there (Bob Newhart, anyone?). 

Call in on Death Pool Mondays with your choice! We’ll update this every week. 

Week 2:

John (Georgia): Robert Redford 

Derrick (Ohio): John Goodman 

Chance (Arkansas): Joe Biden 

Alex (Louisville) Mel Brooks

Clint (Dayton): Ozzy Osbourne 

Trent: (Minnesota) Mike Zimmer 

Robert (Michigan): Donald Trump

Eric (Oregon): Christopher Lloyd

Matt (NJ): Warren Buffet 

Jeff (Montana): Artie Lang 

Week 3: 

Jake (Rhode Island): Nicole Kidman

Blake (Alabama): Bobby Bowden 

Jill (Illinois): Barbara Walters 

Josh (Seattle): David Attenborough 

Kevin (NY): Lee Corso 

Steven (Long Island): Ron Paul 

Leonardo (Florida): Patrick Stewart 

Katherine: (Boston)- Carol Burnett 

Cody (Louisiana): Harrison Ford 

Jeff (Canada): Vince Offer: Sham wow 

Chase (California): Jerry Jones Cowboys 

Lou (Boston): Tommy Lesorta 

Veto  (Arizona): Hulk Hogan 

Tyler (Florida): Quick Pick Bob Cousy 

Josh (NY): Keith Richards 

Scott (Charlotte): Allen Alda 

Jared (San Fran): Larry Flint 

Dan (Chicago): Bobby Knight 

Tom (Texas): Willie Mayes 

Week 4: 

Andy (Minnesota): Norman Lloyd 105 years old 

Kevin (NY): Bob Newhart 

Jeff (Arizona): Vin Scully 

Peter (Illinois): Jim Brown

Sam (Mass): Takashi 6ix9ine 

Trent (Minnesota): Noam Chomsky

Nolan (California): Willie  Nelson 

Ben (Georgia): Bobby Cox 

Adam (Raleigh): Rudy Guiliani 

Tim (CT): Doyle Brunson 

Walker (Missouri): Barbara Walters 

Dan (Buffalo): Rick Flair 

Kevin (Virginia): Ray Davies from the Kinks