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Couple Suing The Waldorf Astoria For A $1 Million Refund Because One Of Their Guests Fired Off A Gun During The Ceremony


Daily MailThe couple whose wedding at Manhattan’s famous Waldorf Astoria hotel was cut short when a guest’s gun accidentally went off wants their money back. Benjamin Brafman, a lawyer representing bride Anna Goldshmidt, 22, and her husband Elan Stratiyevsky, says they intend to sue or negotiate with the hotel for the costs of the wedding reception on June 13. The couple is also considering a lawsuit against the groom’s cousin, Vladimir Gotlibovsky, the guest at their wedding who accidentally fired his gun, grazing a woman in the head.  Charges against him have been deferred. Brafman didn’t say how much the wedding cost though an employee at the Waldorf said last week that a wedding ceremony costs ‘about $1million.’ A Waldorf Astoria New York representative says the reception was canceled due to safety concerns.  The hotel says it made the decision on the ‘paramount concerns of the safety and security’ of the guests and employees. Goldshmidt is said to have let out a ‘blood-curdling scream’ after the Waldorf Astoria hotel told her that her ‘million dollar’ reception was cancelled because the groom’s cousin ‘accidentally shot a guest’. As Goldschmidt, 22, was in her bridal suite preparing to say ‘I do,’ the accidental shooting occurred during the pre-wedding cocktail hour in the posh New York hotel’s lobby, reported The New York Post. Bright eyed, beaming, and sporting a jewel encrusted headpiece, Goldschmidt was married to Elan Stratiyevsky in a traditional Jewish ceremony as hundreds of guests cheered her on.  After Goldschmidt kissed the groom and broke the ceremonial glass, the hotel shattered her hopes of having the beautiful and expensive reception she spent months planning. Goldschmidt only heard of the shooting when the hotel said they were going to call off her soiree. The New York Post reports that the Waldorf decided to cancel the ceremony because police hadn’t found the gun before the reception was about to start. Two employees at the Waldorf Hotel were also injured when they were hit by bullet fragments in the leg. The hotel did not want any harm to come to any more of their employees. Two brothers related to the groom were arrested after one was in possession of a gun that accidentally fired off.

Hold the phone. These guys want their money back because their asshole guest almost shot some chick in the head? Fuck that. Thats your guest, man. Thats on you. If it was a member of the staff or something, fine. But you two are the ones who invited this idiot. Its not the Waldorf Astoria’s fault the groom’s cousin is a gun toting moron. I mean what the fuck is this Texas? Is this India or some Third World country or something? We’re talking about a fucking bougie hotel in the middle of midtown Manhattan. In 2015. Who the fuck brings a gun to that wedding?? Vladimir Gotlibovsky, thats who, I guess.

And you know what the Waldorf Astoria didnt do? They didnt invite Vladimir. So I’m sorry you spent 1 million dollars on your wedding but I’m thinking you probably shouldnt have invited the gun toting idiot cousin. Thats just like when Portnoy’s uncle would show up at weddings with his own saxophone and try to play along with the band. You dont want that happening? Dont invite him. Simple.


PS – A one million dollar wedding is fucking diesel. Holy moly. I suppose it makes perfect sense at a place like the Waldorf Astoria but you are really gonna regret that one. Even if that wedding was really fun and people werent getting shot in the head, it is NOT worth that kinda coin.