On This Date in Sports November 16, 1926: Tex's Rangers

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One year after the New York Americans joined the NHL, a hockey second team in New York debuts and takes over Madison Square Garden. The New York  Rangers are one of three new teams in the NHL based in the United States. The Rangers are owned and operated by promoter Tex Rickard who ran the Garden. The team name was a play on words Tex's Rangers. Facing the defending Stanley Cup Champion Montreal Maroons, the Rangers win 1-0 on a goal by captain Bill Cook.

The NHL adds three new teams based in the United States, bringing the total number of teams to ten. The NHL is able to expand by getting an influx of talent after the Western Hockey League disbands. The new teams allow the NHL to split into two divisions. The American Division and the Canadian Division. With six teams based in the USA, the New York Americans play in the Canadian Division. Joining the Rangers are the Chicago Black Hawks owned by Frederic McLaughlin who names the team after his military battalion and the Detroit Cougars who get the name due to the number of former Victoria Cougars on the team.

Unfortunately for the Cougars, their arena in Detroit known as the Olympia was not complete so they played at the Border Cities Arena in Windsor, Ontario. The Cougars struggled in their first season with coach Art Duncan stepping down to concentrate on his duties as General Manager. The Cougars lost their first game 2-0 to the Boston Bruins on November 18th. The Cougars finished dead last at 12-28-4. In 1930 they changed their name to the Detroit Falcons. Two years later they would become the Red Wings. 

The Chicago Black Hawks coached by Peter Muldoon defeated the Toronto St. Pats in their first game on November 17th. The Black Hawks were the team's name for 60 years, as they became the Blackhawks in 1986. The Black Hawks had their ups and downs in their first season, posting a record of 19-22-3. In the playoffs, the Black Hawks were beaten by the Boston Bruins in the first round. 

The Rangers gave New York two teams in the NHL. The Americans were the first team to play at Madison Square Garden in 1925 but became second-class citizens when Tex Rickard who operated the arena got his own team. The Rangers upset the reigning Stanley Cup Champions 1-0 as Hal Winkler earned the shutout in front of 13,000 fans at MSG. The Rangers dubbed "the classiest team in hockey", finished first in the American Divison at 25-13-6. In the playoffs, they were upset by the Boston Bruins in the semifinals.