The Philadelphia Eagles Are Awful And The People Are Not Happy

Yup.  Feel that pain.  Sweet BYE week, boys and girls!  Hey, at least the Giants are considered the greatest 2-7 team of all-time, right?  RIGHT?!?!?

What an embarrassment.  0-9 on third downs.  0 AND 9.  Wentz continues to be erratic as fuck.  The defense never steps up to make a play when it matters, which includes Darius Slay getting turned around whenever it seems like the freaking pro-bowl off season acquisition should, you know, actually make a play. Doug Pederson is also ADDICTED to going for two. It's a problem that may need an intervention. Seriously.  This isn't Madden or Chip Kelly's fantasy island of fuckery, this is the NFL. There are rules. Plus the play calling is shit.  Again.  It's amazing that every week the Eagles manage to play in the least entertaining, unwatchable football game.  Every.  Single.  Week.

When it's all said and done the 3-5-1 and Philadelphia Eagles are someway, somehow still in first place and, like last year, are on track to losing a home game in the Wildcard round to a team who actually deserves to be in the NFL.  Awesome sauce!  

PS - I'm only here for the ratio.