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Spot The Lie: Dave Gettleman Said People Keep Telling Him That This Year's Giants Are The "Best 2-7 Team They've Ever Seen"

Spot the lie, haters! If you know of a better 2-7 team than the 2020 Giants or another 2-7 team in general off the top of your head, you are either a human sports supercomputer like Frank The Tank or need a serious break from watching football. 

After all the nonstop negativity around the Giants the last few years, it's nice to have some positivity back with the franchise. I'm not just talking people hyping up a 2-7 team like Little League parents from the stands telling the kid that barely makes contact "Nice cut, Davey". I'm talking about the mental thought of everyone refusing to say ANYTHING to Dave Gettleman other than "This is the best 2-7 team I've ever seen". It doesn't matter if Gettleman is asking them about today's game or today's lunch order. The answer is always "This is the best 2-7 team I've ever seen, Dave". 

That type of positivity is the exact type of culture Coach Judge is trying to build right now.

Truth be told, I don't know if this is the greatest 2-7 team in NFL history. But I do know this is the greatest rushing quarterback in Giants history.

P.S. I need Big Cat's All-Time 2-7 NFL Team Power Rankings more than I need oxygen.

UPDATE: Colin Cowherd being one of Gettlefinger's little birdies is not surprising to me in the least