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WORLD PREMIERE: Second Round Ti.K.O - KFC aka White Zinfandel aka Young Unsweetened

Full breakdown of the lyrics and the meaning behind the words on Rap Genius

Produced by Chris McDonald.
Twitter: @CrixMcDix
Instagram: @CrixMcDix
email: jamtownmusic@gmail.com

Featuring Robbie Rosen
Twitter: @robbierosenlive
Instagram: @robbierosenlive

The most anticipated song of all time has finally arrived. I’m not even kidding when I say I feel bad for Tiko Texas. Like it started out as just some fun on twitter and on the blog. Just some good material for your boy KFC. And then Tiko capitalized. I tipped my cap. She saw the opportunity to gain more exposure than she has ever had by riding Barstool’s coattails, and she made her shitty little diss track.

But now here we are, 2nd Round Ti.K.O drops, and shes the first rapper to get murdered in a battle by someone who isnt a rapper. I mean thats it for Tiko Texas. You cant lose a battle to someone who doesnt even rap and ever be taken seriously again in the rap community. It would be like if she started a blog and was just better at blogging than me. I would 10000% have to quit. I could never show my face on the internet again. Someone who doesnt even do what I do beat me at my own game. Well thats exactly what happened here for Tiko. Hope that brief moment in the sun was worth it Tiko.?Time for your dirt nap. Goodnight.


And as for Portnoy, he was Team Tiko from day 1. Her biggest supporter. Her biggest fanboy. He practically threw her a release party. He knew exactly what he was doing when he was celebrating that release. No fucking chance he ever gives a shit about that song if it is making fun of me. So he had to catch this wrath too. I apologize to his friends and family who are no doubt mortified by the verbal lashing he took on this song but this is what happens when you try to dance on someone’s supposed grave. Lights out for you, old man. Shoulda never been Team Tiko.

Huge thanks to my producer C Mac. That beat is absolutely LIT. Big thanks to Robbie Rosen singing the hook. Kid has pipes. Much respect to all the rappers from the years 1992 through 2015, as rapping your songs in the car and in the shower paid off?immensely. And a huge thanks to all the fans of my music. You guys are the source of my musical inspiration. I will most likely be putting in my two weeks notice (aka getting fired for saying I would slap my boss’ face with my penis) and I’ll probably be launching my first tour in the fall.?Young Unsweetened!