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How Is Packers Linebacker Kamal Martin Getting Ready For The Jaguars On Sunday? Looks Like Some Brandi Love Action

MediaPunch. Shutterstock Images.

Anytime you're watching porn there are all those share buttons right below the video. These things are truly motherfuckers. Ticking time bombs ready to go off and ruin your night. One wrong click and boom, everyone knows what you're cranking to. You should honestly have to enter your social security number and answer a security question before sharing a porn link on a social media platform. That should be a federal law if we're being honest. Unfortunately for Packers rookie ILB Kamal Martin he appears to have fallen victim to the dreaded share button. Not great!

Martin is a reddit porn guy it seems. This man is working under a rookie salary and can't afford to pay for the good stuff yet. No shame in that. Reddit for me is too much work, but that's neither here nor there. 

Martin originally went with the hacked excuse, but then decided to flat out delete his account. Listen, worse things have happened. With all the weird fetishes in the world these days, some milf porn is just a shrug of the shoulders in 2020, even if it's something I'd never turn on in a million years. Am I more of a Layla London/Gianna Dior kinda guy? Definitely, but to each their own I suppose. Lucky for Kamal Martin he's just a 5th round rookie out of Minnesota for the Packers and this will blow over real quick (maybe not in the locker room). It's not like he's the pope liking Barstool smokeshows instas. 

Go Pack Go.