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Has A Coach Ever Choked Quite Like Jim Harbaugh Choked On That Final Goal Line Series?

Jim Harbaugh Tantrum GIF: Version 2,745


I know today is going to be all about Ray Lewis, and how rich Joe Flacco is going to be and how resilient the Ravens are but I still can’t get over that chokejob by Jim Harbaugh on the final goal line drive last night. I mean obviously Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the NFL. He’s also one of the ballsiest, proven by the fact that he benched his 6-2 starter and completely reinvented the team’s offense midstream this season. But what the hell happened last night on those last 4 plays?


First down, run, which I’m fine with, the Niners probably should have run it second down as well, they were getting yards whenever they wanted against the Ravens in the second half. Second down, you run a qb sprint to the right basically allowing a gassed Ravens defense cover half the field. 3rd down is an underneath route to Crabtree that is a solid 4 yards short of the goal line and 4th down is a fade, which makes ZERO sense. Kaepernick is an unreal quarterback, but his 2 strengths are that he throws an accurate sharp ball and he can use his feet to extend plays. So why then would you make him throw a touch pass to the back of the end zone that is one of the hardest throws for a qb to make? And I get that the Ravens blitzed but that fade was coming anyway. Just absolutely mind boggling. The Niners have one of the biggest most in depth playbooks in the league. They have so many looks that can confuse a defense, and they throw a fade? I don’t care if that was Defensive Holding either, that’s a play that should never have been called in that situation, on that down, with that quarterback. And I know for Super Bow post game coverage its always a lot more about the winners than the losers, but that was the story of the game for me more than anything else.



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Double PS

By far the best commercial last night.

Even Stone Cold couldn’t stop the waterworks. #lovemesomebeer