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This Is A Reminder That Trevor Bauer Said He'd Get Shot In The Nuts With A Paintball Gun If He Signs A Multi-Year Deal

I hope Trevor Bauer doesn't think that we forgot about this. Coming off a Cy Young season, Bauer is the hottest free agent pitcher on the market and it really isn't close. He is a guy who is loose, loves to have fun, a great ambassador for what a star in baseball should be, but he's kind of a weirdo at times. We know he did the funny 420 and 69 thing with his arbitration hearing a few years back, but this takes it to another level. 

Bauer is going to get paid, a lot. But if he is a man of his word he will only accept a one-year deal from a team. Why is that? It's because he made a bet a few years back with his best friend that if he accepts a multi-year deal the best friend gets to shoot him in the nuts with a paintball gun from 10 feet away. Those are the rules. He explains it to Jeff Passan above in a podcast from 2018, and now it's time to see if he's a man of his word or not. I mean there is no way he actually contemplates a one-year deal, right? No team is going to give a huge one-year deal to Bauer, are they? I mean we're coming off a season that we've never seem before, teams are pinching pennies because of the pandemic, there is no way a team shells out a large single season deal. 

His agent did come out last month and openly said Bauer will be considering ALL offers, one-year, multi-year deals, the whole 9 yards. So now not only will the baseball world be waiting to see where Bauer goes, now we're all waiting to see the number of years and if Bauer actually lets his BFF nail him in the nuts. It'll be much easier for him to take that paintball shot when he's putting his name on that dotted line for a contract worth north of $150 million. So be a man of your word, Trevor. Sign a multi-year deal and give the people what they want. A paintball shot right in the dick.