Amed Rosario Scrubbed His Instagram Of All Mets-Related Posts And Went On Instagram Live With A Friend Where The Word "Cleveland" Was Thrown Around

Does anyone have a copy of Rosetta Stone? Where in the world is Profesor Reyes when you need him?!?

#MetsTwitter was all over Amed Rosario wiping his Instagram of all things Mets as soon as it happened because that's just how things work this day and age with social media. Sometimes it means something is brewing, sometimes it doesn't mean shit. I've been around the blog game way too long to get excited about that

HOWEVAH, Amed Rosario going on Instagram Live and the word Cleveland getting thrown around is veryyyyyy interesting, as is the fact the Mets left Rosario off their graphic about the core of the team.

All of this would be a lot more interesting if I knew what they were saying in that video. But despite my top notch education from Mrs. Talbot in Spanish class for three years, I couldn't make out what the fuck Amed and his buddy were saying. Maybe it was something legit, maybe it was just busting balls, maybe it was something along the lines of "There are probably going to be so many fucking idiots watching this thinking you are going to Cleveland because you took down a couple of pictures. What a bunch of morons. Look, I'll say it again. Cleveland!". Or maybe Francisco Lindor is already on his way to Queens. I am not sure.

What I am sure of is that the hot stove in Metsland is basically a roaring blaze that can be seen from space. No more waiting on which free agents markets fizzle out before accepting their lowball offer from the Mets. Sandy Alderson is shopping in the gourmet aisle while we are all glued to our phones trying to figure out what is being said in other languages. 

What a wonderful time to be a Mets fan.



Yup, could all be bullshit. Or not. I don't know. Time to look at the Top 25 Free Agents list again until the next Instagram Live in Spanish.