Sergio Putting Up A 13 On Hole 15 During The 2018 Masters Takes Us Into The Weekend

I know it was the first round, but still one of those all time moments when it came to Sergio and the Masters. It was a year after he won the Masters, finally getting over the hump and getting a major. Talk about an all-time Masters too with him and Rose going back and forth, that was awesome for monetary reasons. But in 2018, he put up a 13 on hole 15, the worst score ever in Masters history.  He ends up shooting an 81 that round, the worst score ever by a reigning champion, which still feels impossible to beat. Sure he was +2 at the time, but we've seen guys make the cut and make a run. You put up a 13 and you go home? Shit, we've all been there before as every day golfers. Have a good weekend, folks. Enjoy the golf. 

PS: Remember the Sergio wiggle when he first came up? That shit was the most annoying, slowest player in the world.