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How would you end a five day juice cleanse?

As the name of this blog may have implied, I just got through with a 5-day juice cleanse that was sponsored by the good people at Raw Generation.

For those who have never done one of these, it is not a weight-loss vehicle (even though I lost 13 pounds).  Instead, it is just a detox... It's 5 days where I essentially give my body a break.

No solid food, no booze, and no caffeine.  Just 6 juices a day.  And, as I finish up on this partial fast, I can tell you that I feel fantastic... I could eat the bark off of a fucking tree right now, but I could do it while feeling fully energized.




But it's over.

And it's Friday.

So I have been drinking responsibly since 7 AM, and now it's time to cut loose.

Before I give you my plan, lemme ask you something- What would you do after 5 days of just juice?... What would be the first spot you would hit, or the first meal you would devour?

My choice was easy since I host a morning show littered with booze and other random gout-triggers.


Right from the office, I ate more Vietnamese than an off-market Godzilla…

(Yes, the ribeye is raw… Because I just dumped it into the hot Pho broth.)

And then I went down on a dozen KKs in the front seat of my car like they were my prom date…

If anyone out there has been following that racecar which is Large's Diet?.. 

Giphy Images.

Enjoy the weekend, fuck moderation, and take a report.


Doing an 8 miler tomorrow to prep for the 13.1 on Thanksgiving Wednesday… Join the Large Walking Club here.