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MUST WATCH: Legendary Dad Calmly Hands His Beer To His Wife Who Is Holding Their Baby Before Clotheslining A Robber Straight To Hell Then Steps Over His Corpse Like Allen Iverson Over Ty Lue

BAH GAWD HE KILLED HIM!!! Mama Bears get all the love for protecting their cub, but Papa Bears ain't no slouches when shit may hit the fan. This infamous soundbite holds true for us dads when it comes to the child protection game.

I don't know or even care if this video is brand new or not. If people are wearing masks in it, it is from 2020 and 2020 has technically been just one long day since March. I also don't care that I have already used 3 Must Watch tags on the blog this year since:

A. I believe if your first 2 Must Watch videos were valid Must Watches, you get another just like the NFL replay system. Since we are thankfully in essentially the last 2 minutes of the year, all Must Watch reviews go to the booth, which in this case is the overweight blogger writing said blog

B. This would be the first funny "Hold my beer" moment I have seen or heard in years

C. Again, this dude gave his beer to his wife that was his baby, clotheslined a guy so hard his hat flipped off his head, and then he walked over that guy's corpse like Allen Iverson stepped over Ty Lue. If that's not a Must Watch video, I don't know what is. I may not have any proof if that is actually an alleged beer, a husband, a wife, a baby, a robber, and/or security. But since this is the internet, nothing actually matters! 

Happy Friday everybody. Let's finish up this week like this Dad Of The Year would, which is likely more incredible than any of us normies could ever imagine with peak dad energy.